Among the many factors that contribute to business success, none is as impactful as achieving effective performance throughout the entire organization, one that connects the top level goals of the company with those of the individuals at the very bottom of the org chart, and everyone else in between.

By putting in place a comprehensive and effective performance management process, companies will not only increase their chances of success, but can also build a working environment that is conducive to high engagement and productivity.

The overused expression "Our people are our most valuable asset" is many times absent from the day-in-and-day-out concerns of business managers. We support our clients in the design and effective implementation of results-oriented performance management processes, that cover all the different aspects of managing and developing talent.

Talent Development

A Performance Management process would not be complete without having in place structures, processes and programs that help people achieve the level of performance that is expected of them.

From long-term management and leadership development, to short-term training, we apply Commitment-based Management principles to design and implement processes and programs that deliver on the promise to expand your talent pool.

Talent Management

We work with our clients to implement effective talent management processes, focusing on building a pipeline of talent that meets the future leadership needs of the organization.

High-Potential and High-Performer identification is coupled with the Smart Goal Definition practice to ensure the retention of key talent.

We help you build the criteria to place the right people in the right positions, based on their talent profile and personal characteristics.


Smart Goal Definition

We have witnessed the difficulties companies face when goals at the lower levels of the organization are not defined in a consistent manner with those at the very top.

Working with our managers and supervisors, we train them and support them as they go about designing effective management mechanisms to coordinate the efforts of their teams.

Performance Management